Both the impact on the biosphere of our production and consumption methods, and work hours. The consumption of resources must be reduced until it reaches the ecological capacities of one planet. The energetic power necessary for a decent standard of living (heating, personal hygiene, lighting, transportation, production of fundamental goods) is approximately equal to the power consumed by a small, continuously operating, radiator (1 kW).

Partner: MedInItaly

The MedInItaly team is guided by professors of the Faculties of Architecture, Economy and Engineering of the "Roma Tre" University and benefits from the contribution of the "La Sapienza" University for the industrial Design of its furnishing components, and of the consultancy of the "Libera Università" and of "Fraunhofer Italia"; it also represents Italy at the Solar Decathlon: the international contest organised by the American Department of Energy in which Universities from all over the world meet to plan, build and make a home that is self-sufficient form an energy viewpoint thanks to the use of solar energy, and that is provided with all the technologies useful to maximise its efficiency.